Veema Ko

A Tough Nano who Controls Beasts


Veema Ko

A Tough Nano who Controls Beasts

Tier: 2
Effort: 2
XP: 0

Pools and Edge
Might: 10 (Edge 0)
Speed: 9 (Edge 0)
Intellect: 14 (Edge 2)

Skills Trained or Specialized*
Numenera (specialized)


Type Features – Nano
Practiced in light weapons
Intellect Edge 2
Trained in: Numenera
Cypher Use: Limit of Three.
-Mind Reading

Descriptor Features – Tough
+1 Armor
+1 to the points when makes a recovery roll
Trained in Might defense actions
Extra light weapon

Focus Features – Controls Beasts

Tier 1: Beast Companion – Has a Level 2 beast companion, a seskii hound with a metal collar she calls Karn.
Tier 2: Soothe the Savage (2 Intellect Points) – Can calm a nonhuman beast within 30 ft.
Communication (2 Intellect Points) – You can convey a basic concept to a creature that normally can’t speak or understand language. The creature can also give you a very basic answer to a simple question.

Blowgun (2) w/ 12 darts
Dagger (2)

Armor and value:
Tough +1
Ward +1

Numenera book
Three days’ worth of rations for Karn
Collar for Karn
Messenger bird
•Mental Coupling (lvl 8)

•Oddity : Pen that writes in invisible ink that is revealed only at a very low temperature.

Shins: x 56


Description: Veema is short, muscular woman with dark brown hair in a single thick braid wrapped around her head. Her eyes are intensely green, matching the lizard-like hide of the coat she wears. A seskii hound with a metal collar is always at her heels, watching and waiting.

Link to the Starting Adventure: Veema is a bodyguard for one of the other PCs. She is in Charmonde to watch the flights of kall birds on their migrations, because she had heard they avoided certain places over the protective towers of the city, and wanted to see if that was true.

Connection to Party: One of the PCs seems to disturb Veema’s creature in a way she can’t understand.

Nano Background: Forbidden Knowledge – Veema knows that the living creatures of the world reveal the technology that permeates it, and by watching the interaction between the two, new understanding can be reached.

Character Background: Veema feels that by observing the creatures of the Ninth World, they can tell her the most about the debris of the previous eight. There was a menagerie in Qi, and she used to go there every single day of her childhood, fascinated to watch the animals. Her budding interest in numenera didn’t detract from her equal interest in beasts, and she began to find ways to forge the two. When her mentor suggested a trip to the Beyond would sharpen her skills faster, no one was more eager than Veema.
In the intervening years, Veema’s theories about animals and numenera has become somewhat of an obsession. She’s certain their behavior changes around certain devices, and that the fact that some beasts can be trained to use them is a crucial step in the use of all numenera. Very tough from her years of travel and living rough, Veema can take care of herself in a pinch, and doesn’t hesitate to fight alongside her beast.

Veema Ko

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