Instant Servant

Handheld Device


Instant Servant
Level: 1d6
Usable: Handheld device
Effect: Small device expands into a humanoid automaton that is roughly 2 feet (0.6 m) tall. It is a creature equal to the cypher level and can understand the verbal commands of the character who activates it. Once activated, commanding the servant is not an action. It can make attacks or perform actions as ordered to the best of its abilities, but it cannot speak.
The automaton has short-range movement but never goes farther than long range away from the character who activated it. At the GM’s discretion, the servant might have specialized knowledge, such as how to operate a particular device. Otherwise, it has no special knowledge. In any case, the servant is not artificially intelligent or capable of initiating action. It does only as commanded.
The servant operates for one hour per cypher level (3 hours).


Instant Servant

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