Toc Pace

Clever Nano who Talks to Machines


Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 0
Shin: 14

Pools and Edge
Might: 10 (Edge 0)
Speed: 10 (Edge 0)
Intellect: 16 (Edge 1)

• Distant Activation (Cost: Intellect 1) p 73
• Machine Affinity – Trained in all tasks involving electrical machines (T)
• Numenera (T) p 35
• Practiced in light weapons (T) p 35
• Lies or trickery (T)
• Defense rolls to resist mental effects (T)
• Identifying or assessing danger, lies, quality, importance, function, or power (T)

Studying/retaining trivial knowledge

Scan (2 Intellect)
Ward (No cost)

Major/Minor Effects
Minor Effect Suggestions: Any rolls you make regarding that artifact gain a +1 bonus for 28 hours.
Major Effect Suggestions: Any rolls you make regarding that artifact gain a +2 bonus for 28 hours.

Forearm blade (Dmg 2)
Darts 12

Bag of Light Tools (small tongs, pliers, small hammer, small pry bar, lock picks, 10 feet of string, 3 feet of wire, misc screws and nails)
Book on the Numenera

Duplicator (Occultic)
Level: 5
Form: A synth cylinder with fine, glowing lines etched across it
Effect: After one end is touched against a creature, a mass of gelatin sprays out the other end. Within three rounds, it creates what appears to be an exact, living copy of the touched creature, including clothing and equipment. But it’s a spongy façade. The copy is a level 1 creature with minimal intelligence that lasts for up to 28 hours, when it melts and evaporates away. Before that time, the copy follows simple commands, but complex thought and emotions are beyond its capabilities.
Disintegration Gel
Level: 8
Usable: Synth tube containing gel
Effect: When applied to metal, this tube produces a fist-sized amount of gel that vaporizes the material at a rate of about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of material per round. The gel works for two rounds per cypher level. It has no effect on other materials.
• A candle that never runs down.
• Remote-controlled butterfly with a tine, handheld controller.


Character Background
Toc’s father was a master craftsman who built and repaired intricate timepieces. Her mother was a learned nano. Her parents’ marriage was arranged, and as her mother’s daughter she recognized how confined her mother felt by the life her parents built together. Toc wanted to experience the wonders of numenera and the world. As soon as she came of age, Toc decided to leave and make her own way. She learned skills faster than her teachers had ever seen before.

Toc is inquisitive and seeks to understand the machines left behind by past civilizations.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure
Eager to explore, learn and acquire, Toc seeks out others interested in adventure.

Connection: Pick one other PC. That character seems to have a terrible relationship with machines—or at least the machines that you communicate with. If she is next to a machine that you interact with in a friendly manner, that machine is treated in all ways as being one level lower than normal (unless doing so benefits you or her, in which case the level does not change).

Powers Origin
You learned your skills faster than your teachers had ever seen before. The powers that be took notice and are paying close attention.

Forbidden Knowledge
You understand the numenera far better than most people. You know that it isn’t just strange machines buried in old ruins. The numenera is everywhere, beyond the perception of humans. You know that microscopic machines called nanites are threaded through every inch of the world, waiting to be activated. You know that satellites in orbit are broadcasting information, waiting for someone to access it. Having studied long and hard, learning the proper ways to tap into the forces all around you, you know how to activate these machines and make them do what you wish, at least in limited, specific ways. These uses of power are called esoteries. Through various tiny devices that you possess, which probably seem like magic charms to the uninitiated, you “conjure” energy. By accessing the datasphere transmitted across the world, you connect with machines—including the nanites—to change your environment.
Advancement: You must continue to study. There’s far more to the numenera than one person can ever know, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to learn it all. More secrets and more knowledge me

Toc Pace

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