Discoveries of the Great Eight

Session 1 - The Setup

The Setup

Session 1 – The Setup

Whilst our erstwhile party was doing some trading in one of the marketplaces of Charmonds, each member receives a message via Messenger Bird. The bird contained and invitation to a dinner part at the Queen’s Castle.

Fearing a trap, some of the characters did some investigation and reconnaissance. However, all they learnt was that others had also been invited to dinner over the past few days, and came out alive.

Upon arrival to the castle, they were escorted to an outside dining area by a servant. After a short delay, Lady Jarnell arrived and introduced herself as one of the Queen’s Advisors.

After some small talk, the question was asked as to why our adventurers had been invited to dinner.

It turns out, the Queen is looking to shore up her defences in the province in preparation for the Amber Pope’s war of the lands north of the Cloudcrystal Skyfields, and to do so she needs some people to do some investigation.

The Queen needs to people to investigate various strange happenings and rumours, stop threats from inside and outside of Navarane, and to also find and discover any numenera artefacts that may be of use in the coming war out in The Beyond and beyond.

After accepting Lady Jarnell’s job offer, the characters have been tasked with investigating the Empty Sanctum just past the Tremble Pass.

After acquiring mounts and supplies, the party has headed out to see what they can find.



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