Discoveries of the Great Eight

Session 2 - The Test

After spending a restful night in their quarters at the castle our adventurers set out on their way to the Empty Sanctum, minus Denk who has been sent on special assignment by Lady Jarnell.

The rest of the party have an uneventful journey to the Empty Sanctum, reaching the borders of the castle. Two scouts are sent ahead, Meg and Karn (Veema Ko’s Seskii.

Leading up to the entranceway of the castle there are no signs of life. Not even wildlife. No insects chirping, nor birds dinging. Deadly silent. No lights on at the castle. Signs of mixed footprints in the neatly trimmed grass, all bipedal, some human and humanoid, others not so. Many footprints lead to the castle, with fewer leading away.

The drawbridge is down and the portcullis has been blown open, as have the doors. And by blown there is a huge gaping hole with blackened marks on the edges.

Meg sends Karn back to the rest of the party to fetch them, and they all join Meg at the entrance.

Slowly moving in, what greets the group (by the light of glowglobes) is a scene of massacre and bloodshed. Bodies and parts of bodies strewn over the floor, all over the place. Spent cyphers and numenra scatter the floor.

An all-out battle between the residents of the castle and what appears to be an organised army of abhumans seems to have been fought, with the winners being the abhumans.

After searching the bodies, the tattoo of an eye is found amongst the human bodies and remains. The leader’s master keycard is found, as are other keycards on various bodies.

Our group heads to the basement to see if they can turn the generator back on. More bodies and viscera greet them. The jail cells are open, some from the outside and others from the inside. A large empty box stands in one corner.

The generator is found, and Veema and Magi attempt to get it working again. Magi seems stumped by the design, and whilst probing with her tools manages to freeze a circuit into the on position. Thankfully, Veema comes to the rescue, determines that the damage done to the generator was from an overload of energy from a ray device, frying a circuit, and manages to jury rig a new bypass circuit from the components of spent cyphers. She flips the switch and the power comes back on in the castle, including the air-conditioning/ventilation system, which starts spreading the smell of decayed bodies into the air. Veema tells the party the air will clear soon as the filtration system eventually kicks in.

Taking an elevator to the top floor, they discover a waiting room with a set of double-doors. The master keycard reveals a keypad. Alem Korse works on bypassing the look, whilst the rest of the party explore the room. Bookshelves, a desk and filing cabinet with papers. Notes and copies of papers are taken and the originals (as many as possible) are put into backpacks and satchels, some books removed for “safe keeping”.

The papers reveal that the members of The Convergence here were spying on the nine Kingdoms, troop movements, notes on important personages and their movements, records of conversations, etc etc. There’s also information on various activity of people and creatures in The Beyond.

The keypad is finally bypassed, the doors are opened and the inner sanctum of the head of this chapter is revealed. A luxurious apartment area, with a large bedroom, study, and separate bathroom area. More bookshelves and a desk.

More papers are gathered, this time dated form two days prior, seem to have the latest information, up until the attack on the castle.

A door opens into a smooth grey surface. After some study and remembering some stories she was told a long time ago, Magi determines that this was an extradimensional tunnel (similar to the ones the University of Doors uses) that lead to another place, now de-activated.

Between a squabble of two party members on who gets to take which books from the bookshelf, one book is revealed to be switch which opens a hidden compartment in the desk.

Inside the compartment is a small piece of irregular synth, which Magi determines to be a piece of a larger item, perhaps a puzzle. The piece is inactive.

Exploring the rest of the castle the group finds a lone survivor, a new initiate into The Convergence. After reviving him and calming him down, he tells them that a couple of days prior a large box was delivered to the castle and stored downstairs. he didn’t know what was in it. Two days ago an army of abhumans attacked the castle. The head of the castle has ordered everyone to defend in item to allow a few people to escape with some records and items via the extradimensional doorways to the two other sanctums that the convergence operates from. The doors were then to be disabled permanently form the other side.

The initiate was too scared to fight and hid in a closet.

Further exploration reveals no other information.

Our party heads back to Lady Jarnell with their prisoner. They report back everything, handing over the original papers ,and are rewarded for their work.

it turns out Lady Jarnell already knew of what had occurred at the Sanctum, having sent a team to investigate already, but leaving everything in place. This was a test for our adventurers to see how they would perform their first task and how truthful they would be in reporting back.

However, the next task is the real thing. To investigate the town of Legrash in the Tremble Pass, a town of bandits, thugs, murderous villaiins and other scum who pray on travellers through the pass.

Lady Jarnell informs the party that Denk has been sent ahead to scout, and that he should have reported back already. The party is to find Denk, or at least find out what happened to him, and then to report back to Lady Jarnell on the layout of the town and it’s people.

Session 1 - The Setup
The Setup

Session 1 – The Setup

Whilst our erstwhile party was doing some trading in one of the marketplaces of Charmonds, each member receives a message via Messenger Bird. The bird contained and invitation to a dinner part at the Queen’s Castle.

Fearing a trap, some of the characters did some investigation and reconnaissance. However, all they learnt was that others had also been invited to dinner over the past few days, and came out alive.

Upon arrival to the castle, they were escorted to an outside dining area by a servant. After a short delay, Lady Jarnell arrived and introduced herself as one of the Queen’s Advisors.

After some small talk, the question was asked as to why our adventurers had been invited to dinner.

It turns out, the Queen is looking to shore up her defences in the province in preparation for the Amber Pope’s war of the lands north of the Cloudcrystal Skyfields, and to do so she needs some people to do some investigation.

The Queen needs to people to investigate various strange happenings and rumours, stop threats from inside and outside of Navarane, and to also find and discover any numenera artefacts that may be of use in the coming war out in The Beyond and beyond.

After accepting Lady Jarnell’s job offer, the characters have been tasked with investigating the Empty Sanctum just past the Tremble Pass.

After acquiring mounts and supplies, the party has headed out to see what they can find.

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